Geopolitics in the age of renewable energies: challenges and opportunities for the Italian foreign policy

The objective of the project is to define and detail the main changes taking place in the global energy sector - first and foremost the process of decarbonisation and the progressive integration of renewables into national energy mixes - with particular attention to the Italian peculiarities. The research aims to identify the main geopolitical implications for our country (e.g.: stability of traditional energy partners; security of supply concerning new resources and materials; technological competition and access to new markets), identifying - through an inclusive process of the main national stakeholders - new guidelines for the Italian foreign policy to face these changes, in order to maximize the international standing of the country and to strengthen the effectiveness of energy policies. The research activity consists into two seminars, one position paper (and related statistical factsheet) and one paper. The project ends in 2020.

Funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Enel Green Power

 2019 - current

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