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Focus on Transatlantic Relations

2008 - current

This is a quarterly report on the evolution of US-EU relations and transatlantic policies, produced for the Italian Parliament in the framework of the broader and more comprehensive Osservatorio di Politica Internazionale [= Observatory of International Relations], which also involves Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In its current form, the report - ideal extension of the former Transatlantic Observatory - includes three parts: a general overview of the main developments in the transatlantic relationship; a study on a European issue; and an essay concerning a critical issue on the spotlight. The Focus on Transatlantic Relations, like all other studies produced within the Observatory of International Relations, aims at providing the parliamentary delegations at the assemblies of the international organisations (most notably NATO) and the House and Senate Defence and Foreign Affairs Committees with a regularly upgraded analysis.

All issues produced so far are available on IAI website.

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