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Europe 2004: Enlargement and Institutional reform of the European Union

2001 - 2003
Launched in 2001, this multi-year program examined issues pertaining to institutional reform of the European Union in the light of enlargement to central and southern Europe and developments in the European constitutional debate. Particular attention was focussed on the results of the European Convention and on prospects for the following intergovernmental conference on reform of the treaties. The project, which involved the participation of a select group of Italian experts from various institutions and research centres continued in 2002 and 2003 with various studies and debates, including an examination of several issues central to the agenda of the Convention. Collaboration with European research institutes was pursued to produce a comparative analysis of the national debates on European constitutional issues. Increased emphasis was placed on establishing a comprehensive link with the main Italian institutions dealing with issues of Union reform, primarily the government and parliament. Finally, the website provided a systematic account (in Italian and English) of the debate on the future of the EU, as well as updated on developments in the European studies programme.