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Definition of European Security Objectives – Security Network for Technological Research in Europe (SeNTRE)

2004 - 2005
A project defining the objectives and typologies of European security. in collaboration with the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS), Paris, Led by the ASD (Aeronautic Space and Defence, the association bringing together European aerospace and defence industries), the IAI’s contribution involved identifying security scenarios and contacting various Italian and European institutional actors in the field of security in an attempt to work out requirements in terms of capacity and technological proposals. The project, to be undertaken before the end of 2004, will be concluded by December 2005. This is a particularly important result for the IAI in that it is the Commission’s first preparatory programme on security and is likely to lead to important developments in the subsequent framework programme. Furthermore, the IAI is involved in both projects of importance for Italy approved by the Commission.