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Competition, cultural variety and global governance: the case of the global audio-video system

2002 - 2002

This study - in cooperation with the HWWA-Institute fur Wirtschaftsforschung, Hamburg - was centred on the internationalisation processes under way in the audio-video sector and relative national policies and evaluated the implications for global governance in terms of sectoral development and relations among major countries. The research project had four main aims: 1) to analyse the development of the audio-video sector as regards value added, production, employment, trade and investments; 2) to analyse the development of the structure of demand and supply in the sector in a comparison of various countries; 3) to assess the contents, modalities and implementation of a wide range of policy instruments in the audio-video sector applied in the major geo-economic areas and in particular in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific; 4) to analyse multilateral trade policies and GATS regulations for audio-video services.

Funding: Volkswagen Stiftung