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Chinese investments in Italy: Facing risks and grasping opportunities

2014 - 2014

Chinese investments in Italy are similar to investments in other advanced economies, but also have country-specific features. From the point of view of Chinese investors, Italy is an attractive destination not only as a wide marketplace and as a strategic gateway to the Mediterranean, but also because it is seen as a precious source for strategic assets - both in traditional and advanced industries.
This research analysed the foreign direct investment (FDI) of Chinese multinationals in Italy. The analysis of the Italian case was conducted through a number of detailed case studies that exemplify the strategies followed by the Chinese companies in the country and help to provide a picture of the main implications of this phenomenon. The study, therefore, provides a number of suggestions to policy makers on how to maximize the benefits of the increasing flow of foreign direct investment from China and other emerging economies. The results were presented at a seminar IAI and published in the series "IAI Working Papers".

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