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Atlantic Future - Towards an Atlantic area? Mapping trends, perspectives and interregional dynamics amongst Europe, Africa and the Americas

2013 - 2015

This project analyses major political, economic and social trends in the wider Atlantic basin with the view to identify potential evolutionary patterns. The research unfolds on various policy domains - politics and security, trade and finance, culture, social issues, environment and natural resources - with a particular emphasis on inter-regional links between the Americas, Africa and Europe. The project is eventually meant to come out with outlining potential future scenarios in the wider Atlantic space and pinpointing opportunities and obstacles to a more effective cooperation on both Atlantic-specific issues and more global matters. The final goal of the consortium that carries out the project - a 13-strong group comprising think tanks and universities from Europe, Africa and the Americas led by the Barcelona-based CIDOB - is to put forward consistent policy recommendations about how the EU should frame its wider Atlantic agenda, including a review of its interregional relations with Africa and the Americas, its strategic partnerships with such countries as the US, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, as well as its overall approach towards the Atlantic Basin.

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