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ASTRO+ Project

2005 - 2006

This 15-month project, coordinated by Eads Astrium in the framework of the “Preparatory Action in the field of Security Research” - Pasr 2004, shown the benefits that would derive from the use of space resources – telecommunications, land observation, navigation – an adequate response to the EU members’ demand for security. The aims of this project were: - building a task force of stakeholders and users to determine the main needs to be met with space services and infrastructure; - demonstrating the added value of certain services by means of demonstrations in the field; - proposing short-term solutions for security needs; - setting guidelies for the technological research. The IAI in particular contributed to the analysis of the concepts and the demonstrations and the engagement of security users trough the organisation of meetings and seminars.

Sponsor: Commissione europea - PASR - 2004