(Re)Generation Europe

Youth has become a growing focus in media, politics and policy in Europe. IAI rejects the traditional interpretation of youth as a passive object of study and policy. It strongly believes instead that young people are key subjects to rethink and address the challenges facing Europe, thus contributing to the EU’s re-generation. Against this backdrop, IAI has launched a new umbrella initiative: (Re)Generation Europe, which promotes the role of young generations – high-school and university students, and young professionals – in the construction of Europe.  (Re)Generation Europe aims to empower young generations by engaging them and strengthening their capacities. Re)Generation Europe focuses on high-school and university students as well as young professionals in Italy, the EU and the wider Euro-Mediterranean space. In pursuing such work, IAI is strongly aware of the disparities both within and between countries and is committed to fill such gaps. Moreover, our work with youth is gender-sensitive and aims at giving young women and men equal voice and space. 

Empowering youth by engaging them in the European public space

Through our youth engagement work, we aim to encourage youth’s participation in the European public sphere. We treat young women and men as key stakeholders in the future of Europe, instilling in them a sense of belonging and motivation to participate in the democratic process and the construction of the European project. The Premio IAI, specifically, provides youth with the opportunity not only to publish their ideas, but also to discuss them through a major award ceremony with well-known personalities across different walks of life. This activity includes all our projects aimed at understanding youth’s vision on the future of Europe and the world, and to transmit to political and policy circles their proposals. 

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Empowering youth by strengthening their capacities

IAI’s new educational programme launched in 2018 aims to contribute to a young civil society capable of understanding and analysing the challenges and opportunities facing Europe. The core of this activity is IAI’s training courses, open to university students and young professionals.

(Re)generation Europe is embedded in IAI’s substantial research capacities in all aforementioned areas, making both our public engagement and educational/training activities evidence-based. In an era of disinformation and fake news, the devaluation of skills, the simplification of geopolitical analysis and the trivialization of political messages are mounting threats to a democratic, well-informed and free European youth. 

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