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Una strategia di sicurezza nazionale per l'Italia. Elementi di analisi


The study focuses on the question of a national security strategy for Italy. It starts out with an examination of institutional documents considered relevant in defining the external and internal dimensions of security and the actors that participate in formulating and implementing them. Consideration of some procedures and practices at the political-institutional and technical-operational levels of the two sectors reveals both critical and strong points. The results of the analysis are reexamined in the light of various factors that range from the change in the international and European scenes to recent conceptual interpretations of security and defence, without overlooking the trends in research and technology and the growing role of the private sector. The purpose of the Quaderno is to offer food for thought in order to contribute to the debate on whether or not Italy should work out a national security strategy. What already exists could be optimised to provide the necessary reference base for effective and efficient management of a complex subject in constant evolution.

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