Turkey and the European Union: Scenarios for 2023

FEUTURE – Future of EU-TUrkey RElations – analyses the past, present and future drivers of the EU-Turkey relationship. In order to navigate the possible future, a compass is necessary. This paper establishes this compass by imagining, delineating and systematizing three reference scenarios in order to organize subsequent research and eventually map out a most likely “feuture”. Drawing from Schwartz, the aim of these scenarios is to construct different pathways that might exist in future, suggesting and informing appropriate scholarly analysis or policy decisions that may be taken along those possible paths. Several conditions are proposed for the realisation of possible conflictual, cooperational or converging futures, taking into consideration forms of differentiated integration relating to these ideal-type scenarios.

Cologne, University of Cologne, September 2016, 16 p.
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The FEUTURE of EU-Turkey relations: Scenario building
Conflict: Growing Clash and Competition between the EU and Turkey
Convergence: Turkey’s membership in a differentiated Union
Functional Cooperation: Engagement without accession
Alternative Feutures?

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