Scholarly article on the European Governance Agenda: EU Engagement with Civil Society Organisations in Conflic-Ridden Countries: A Governance Perspective from Georgia, Cyprus and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deliverable D.6.3 submitted October 2013 (M34) in fulfillment of requirements of the project Cultures of governance and conflict resolution in Europe and India (CORE) - Workpackage 6 Assessment of Governance Initiatives.

Oslo, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), October 2013, 23 p.
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Four perspectives on EU governance of foreign conflicts through CSO support
1. The EU and civil society in the Georgian/Abkhaz conflict
    The EU assistance to the civil society: an overview
2. The EU's support to civil society in Cyprus
    History of inter-communal peace engagement
    The EU assistance to the civil society
3. EU support for civil society in BiH
    Bosnian civil society in the post-war period
    EU assistance to the civil society
Comparative analysis and conclusions

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