Saudi Arabia's and Qatar's Discourses and Practices in the Mediterranean

This paper will examine the discourse and practices of the two most active GCC countries in the Mediterranean, and will conduct its analysis through a discussion of such highlighted issues as economy, migration and political ideas. Adopting content discourse analysis, this paper studies documents from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to help better understand these countries’ changing role and influence, as well as their policies and role perceptions in the Mediterranean area. Investigating their alternative discourses, the paper will highlight the conflicting, competing and also converging policies and visions of these actors regarding EU policies.

Roma, IAI, June 2017, 29 p.
Working Paper 6
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1. Political Ideas
2. Geopolitics of the GCC and the Mediterranean
3. Water and Agriculture
4. Energy
5. Migration
6. European Union
7. How Do the GCC Countries See the EU’s Role in the Mediterranean?

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