Re-energising Europe: A package deal for the EU27

After years of multiple crises, the EU27 should re-energise the European project. This third NPE report, which is the culmination of five years of work reflecting more than 120 national and transnational debates throughout Europe, argues that the EU27 should have the political will and courage to agree on an ambitious but realistic win-win package deal to overcome deadlocks and counter the danger of a more regressive, nationalistic, closed, illiberal and authoritarian Europe, the greatest challenge we are currently facing.

Brussels, European Policy Centre (co-publishers: King Baudouin Foundation, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Open Society Initiative for Europe), November 2017, xix, 96 p.
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New Pact for Europe
Executive summary
Table of contents
Part 1. Diagnosis
1.1 State of the Union
1. An improved but still unresolved poly-crisis
2. Collateral damage
3. Strong resilience and a new sense of optimism
1.2 The biggest challenge
1. An unbeaten phenomenon
2. The nature of the beast
3. The ‘winners and losers’ of change
4. EUrope’s vulnerabilities
Part 2. Recommendations
2.1 A win-win package deal for the EU27
1. The economic and social dimension
2. The migration dimension
3. The security dimension
4. Functional and pragmatic differentiation
2.2 Countering the threat of authoritarian populism
1. Deliver credible results and strengthen the EU as a ‘democratic watchdog’
2. Convince citizens without imitating authoritarian populists
3. Acknowledge citizens’ concerns and boost their democratic participation
4. Constantly remind people of the true nature and objectives of authoritarian populists
The way forward
Further readings

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