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Un nuovo Patto per l'Europa. Ricreare fiducia attraverso il dialogo

12/12/2017, Rome

Presentation of the final report of the New Pact for Europe (NPE) project.

This is the third NPE report. It is the culmination of five years of work at EU and member state level. It reflects more than 120 national and transnational debates with policymakers, experts, civil society organisations, ‘ordinary’ citizens, and other stakeholders across Europe, which took place between 2013-2017 in 17 EU countries.

The report argues that the EU-27 must find the political will and the courage to reach agreement on an ambitious but realistic and beneficial package for all, in order to overcome the current deadlock and face the biggest challenge we are facing, in the face of the risk of a more regressive, nationalist, closed, illiberal and authoritarian Europe.

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