The OSCE's Contribution to Energy Governance in the Mediterranean Region

Energy governance is at the core of the dialogue between Europe and the Mediterranean region to foster the creation of a shared area of peace, prosperity and stability. Against this backdrop, this report dwells on the potential role of the OSCE in hammering out policies and initiatives targeting energy governance in the Mediterranean beyond the purely economic dimension. It discusses the manifold political, security and environmental challenges and opportunities linked to the use of energy resources, in particular those located in contested areas. It also elaborates on the Organisation’s potential role in preventing disruptions to critical energy infrastructure and in providing assistance and transferring best practices with a view to strengthening the efforts of Mediterranean countries in their transition toward a more sustainable and efficient energy sector.

Paper produced within the framework of the New-Med Research Network, April 2016.

Roma, IAI, April 2016, 81 p.
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1. Political Dialogue to Facilitate the Development of Energy Resources in the East Mediterranean, Laura El-Katiri
1.1 Maritime delimitation conflicts in the East Mediterranean
1.2 Intra-regional gas trade
Conclusion: Priority actions
2. Critical Infrastructures: Security and Energy Politics in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and the Role of the OSCE, Mesut Hakki Casin
2.1 Essentials of the critical infrastructure protection (CIP) security framework
2.2 Understanding the nature of energy security and CIP in the Mediterranean
2.3 PKK’s terrorism threats on Turkey’s energy security
2.4 The OSCE’s role in energy critical infrastructure protection in the Mediterranean
3. Sustainability and Energy Transition in the Southern Mediterranean Region, Hans Günter Brauch
3.1 OSCE and its Mediterranean cooperation partners
3.2 Change in international order for the Mediterranean
3.3 Climate change: The Mediterranean in the Anthropocene
3.4 From a research project to an industrial initiative
3.5 Bilateral and international initiatives for sustainable energy policies in the Mediterranean dialogue partner countries
3.6 Sustainable energy in the Southern Mediterranean
Conclusions: Long-term goals vs. short-term action on sustainable energy in the Mediterranean
4. The OSCE as a Player in the Regional Energy Context, Patrice Dreiski

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