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Organizational Factors of Youth Exclusion/Inclusion and Youth Collective Agency in the South East Mediterranean


The meso-level analysis as identified by the project Power2Youth is "the level of organized groups (e.g., political parties, networks, trade unions, charities, social movements, etc.) and of their actions and interactions." The aim of Work Package (WP) 3 is to study: (1) the factors that favour or constrain youth participation in organizations (both formal and informal, including mainstream traditional organizations such as trade unions, political parties, business organizations and various kinds of youth organizations); (2) the different types of youth activism and forms of youth mobilization that are influenced by different social backgrounds; and (3) the transformative role of organized youth. WP3 meso-level research will proceed in three steps for each of the countries considered: (1) background analysis mainly based on secondary literature on the political context; (2) mapping of youth-led organizations (YLO) and youth-relevant organizations (YRO); and (3) empirical research through focus groups and semi-structured interviews with a selected sample of young activists.

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