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Observatory on European defence, February 2001


5 February 2001
NAC – PSC Meeting

The first regular meeting between EU and NATO structures took place on 5 February in Brussels; a recent agreement between the two institutions provides for at least three meetings at ambassador level for each semester and two meetings between foreign ministers yearly.
Co-ordination between the ESDP and NATO was addressed, but no further progress has been made, also because of constant Turkish opposition to agreements that do not fully guarantee its participation in the decision-making process.

February 2001
ESDP – Non-EU Partner Relations

The contribution of non – EU countries to the European security and defence initiative has been discussed in various meetings of EU and non-EU Partners (in particular Russia, Ukraine and Norway).
Relations with Eastern Europe countries will be subject to future discussions.
Norway has welcomed the agreement that allows its involvement in the EU defence initiative.
The Turkish government once again expressed its concern for the present unsatisfactory situation.

February 2001
USA – EU Relations - ESDP and NMD

Frequent meetings between representatives of the Bush Administration and of European governments were held during the month.
The US Government has express its approval of development of the ESDP, given that it will not undermine the Atlantic Alliance; a debate has been opened on the US National Missile Defence (NMD) project and its implications for Euro-Atlantic security.