Nuclear Non-Proliferation: The Transatlantic Debate

Proceedings of the conference on "Transatlantic Security and Nuclear Proliferation", held in Rome on 10-11 June 2005 within the framework of the IAI research project "The Development of ESDP and Its Implications for the Transatlantic Partnership".

Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, February 2006, 102 p.
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Introduction, Giovanni Gasparini and Ettore Greco

The Non Proliferation Treaty and the Review Conference
1. Non Proliferation Initiatives, Serge Sur
2. The 2005 NPT Review Conference: 188 States in Search of Consensus, William Potter

US, Europe and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policies
3. A US Perspective: The Failure of American Non-Proliferation Policy, Joseph Cirincione
4. A European Perspective : The European Union and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Does Soft Power Work?, Bruno Tertrais
5. Prospects for a Common Transatlantic Nuclear Non-Proliferation Strategy, Gerard Quille

Test Cases: Iran and North Korea
6. A "Concert of the Willing": a New Means for De-nuclearising the Korean Peninsula?, Darryl Howlett
7. A Strategy for Defeat? The Iranian Nuclear Program and the EU-3/EU Deal, Maurizio Martellini and Riccardo Redaelli

Annexes - Report of the IAI Conference "Transatlantic Security and Nuclear Proliferation", Riccardo Alcaro

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