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Managing Disorder. A Stronger Transatlantic Bond for More Sustainable Governance


Governance of global and regional challenges has become an increasingly difficult task. The emergence of new protagonists on the world stage has complicated efforts to achieve the international consensus needed to address global imbalances, fight climate change, and tackle new threats. Tensions between great powers have risen, regional crises have deteriorated, and non-state actors such as jihadist groups and criminal organisations have proliferated. Reflecting these systemic changes, the ability of the United States and its allies in Europe to shape governance structures has dwindled. Nevertheless, the US-European partnership remains indispensable to effectively address some of the most pressing regional and global challenges. The US and Europe should leverage stronger transatlantic ties to engage other countries, including those who behave like rivals, from a position of strength. This approach should guide transatlantic cooperation in critical regional contexts as well as on the global stage.

Paper produced within the framework of the IAI project Transworld.

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