The Management and Use of Natural Resources and their Potential for Economic and Social Development in the Mediterranean

In the framework of the IAI-OCP project on natural resource management in the Mediterranean, this paper offers a conceptual framework to examine natural resource management in Turkey, Morocco and Italy and its implications for social and economic development. It recognizes the multiplicity of actors involved in natural resource management at the local, national and global level. It then proceeds by 1) advancing a definition of natural resources to be used in the context of this project; 2) highlighting relevant emerging issues in the empirical debates on natural resource management within economics and politics; 3) developing a series of indicators aimed at assessing the dimensions of the management and use of natural resources. In general, this conceptual framework adopts a flexible and plural approach that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of natural resource management, and recognizes the importance of country-specific factors in the relationship between natural resource management and socio-economic development.

Paper produced within the framework of the IAI-OCP Policy Center project "Management and Use of Natural Resources and Their Potential for Economic and Social Development".

Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, 2013, 33 p.
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Introduction and outline
1. Analytical framework: defining natural resources and natural resource governance
   1.1. What is natural resource governance?
2. Natural resource management and socio-economic development: theory and evidence
   2.1. What is the natural resource curse?
   2.2. Natural resource booms and the Dutch disease
   2.3. Volatile natural resource rents and macroeconomic instability
   2.4. Rentier states, weak institutions and resource-driven conflict
   2.5. Thinking beyond the resource curse: institutions and natural resource management
3. Political economy analysis (PEA) template for assessing natural resource management practices
4. Indicators of the dimensions of natural resource management in the three case-study countries

Research area