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L'Italia e la politica internazionale. Edizione 2002


The third volume of the yearbook put out by the IAI and ISPI, deals with the events of 2001. The year, which started with the inauguration of US President Bush, seemed to be destined to witness greater American disengagement in areas of crisis, making the consequences of the lack of effective global governance even more manifest. But the attacks of 11 September, considered acts of war by the United States, led to a compacting and realignment of the allies around the West's leading power. The volume opens with a broad survey of the international situation after 11 September, putting the accent on the governance of globalisation in its multifarious forms: political, economic, institutional and social. Three aspects of European integration, one of the yearbook's priorities, are examined in chapters on the process of EU reform, the European Constitution and eastern enlargement. Following are chapters on European defence, competition policy, the CAP, monetary policy and macroeconomic matters. The environment is dealt with in a separate chapter. The yearbook closes with an analysis of the areas of greatest interest from the point of view of geopolitics and Italian foreign policy, with particular emphasis on the Middle East crisis and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Italy's actions in the foreign policy field and the initiatives of the new government. Winding up the book is a chronology of events and an index for easier consultation.

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