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L'Italia e la politica internazionale. Edizione 2001


The second edition of the yearbook, put out by the IAI and ISPI, looks at events in the year 2000, starting with Putin's succession to Yeltsin in Russia and concluding with the closing of the Clinton era. It describes a unipolar world, confirming the economic and military might of the United States. But 2000 was also a crucial year for the Europeans, with the Intergovernmental Conference, the summit in Nice, and the completion of the Nice Treaty. For Italy, it was a very European year – also symbolically – in that an Italian was nominated president of the European Commission. The entire yearbook dedicates particular attention to the European Union. After an introductory analysis of the evolution of the international system, Italian foreign policy and the phenomenon of globalisation, the second part considers European integration in its many facets, ranging from defence of the new frontiers to social policies. Parts Three and Four concentrate mainly on the economic issues of development and immigration, discussing the various international aspects of political economy, including the questions raised by the "new economy". The last part investigates Italy's relations with some geographic areas of global importance: the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia. This second edition is an invaluable tool for study and reference in interpreting Italian foreign policy in the light of international processes.

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