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La politica estera dell'Italia. Edizione 2013


Last year the Italian diplomacy has sought to regain credibility and influence both in Europe and in the neighborhood, but had to contend not only with the ongoing economic crisis, which has limited its external projection, but also with the increasingly evident strategic shift of the US to Asia and the general weakening of multilateral cooperation. The 2013 edition of the IAI-ISPI yearbook analyzes the various aspects of Italy's international standing, focusing on the main challenges that the country has had to face: a confrontation with EU partners on how to respond to the crisis and on new stages of European integration; its role in the Mediterranean after the Arab Spring; the urgent need to regain competitiveness on international markets; the restructuring of the armed forces that could no longer be delayed; the complicated management of relations with India after the arrest of the Italian marines on board of MV Enrica Lexie. The book is divided into three parts: an introductory report summarizing the problems and possible outlets of Italy's external action, a section dedicated to more in-depth analysis of the main problems in 2012, a chronology of Italian foreign policy last year.

Presentations: Rome 9 July 2013.

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