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La politica estera dell'Italia. Edizione 2012


Last year was a particularly problematic one for Italian foreign policy, caught between the progressive deterioration of the domestic political scene, the debt crisis and the consequent weakening of Italy's position in the international prestige and power hierarchy, and the political upheaval in nearby areas, including the collapse of the Qaddafi regime and the civil war in Syria. The 2012 edition of the IAI-ISPI yearbook examines this bumpy road and, while looking for possible ways out, highlights other complicating factors: the tears in the international community's multilateral fabric, uncertainty in Europe, persistent energy dependence, and Italy's domestic institutional and political crisis and its search for an external anchor. The book is divided into three parts: an introductory report summarizing the problems of Italy's foreign policy and possible solutions; a section dedicated to more in-depth analysis of the main problems in 2011; a chronology of Italian foreign policy last year.

Presentations: Rome 23 April 2012, Turin 22 May 2012, Milan 29 May 2012, Pisa 8 June 2012.

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