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La governance spaziale europea e le implicazioni per l’Italia


In recent years, European space governance has undergone a phase of rapid redefinition. Central to these changes is the desire to find a modus operandi and complementarity among the various actors involved. The position paper aims to contribute to the definition of the national position concerning the evolution of European space governance, as well as, on a general level, to the definition of the EU’s space policy in its medium- to long-term objectives. Within this framework, the paper addresses some of the latest developments at EU level, such as the promotion of a European Space Law, the implementation of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence, or the IRIS2 and GovSatCom space programmes. The document also focuses on Italy’s collaborations and partnerships, such as the relationship with the United States, and proposes a medium- and long-term approach that allows for the timely definition of Italian priorities in view of key events, such as the ESA Ministerial Conference in 2025 or the definition of the next EU multiannual financial framework 2028-2034.