Imagining Post-Crisis Europe

Imagining Europe was launched in 2013 by a group of committed Europeans alarmed by the centrifugal forces gripping the European Union since the eruption of the Eurozone crisis. We took as a starting point Emma Bonino and Marco De Andreis' idea of a light federation as a promising route for the EU to exit the crisis as a united, effective and legitimate political entity. Yet we also felt that many of the public calls for "more Europe" were either too general or lost in translation into the technical lexicon of the Eurozone crisis and its responses. To move forward, we sought to imagine what a more federal EU could look like by delving into the details across various policy sectors.

Paper prepared within the framework of the project "Towards a More United and Effective Europe".

Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, June 2014, 23 p.
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1. Introduction
2. The State of the Union
3. The Myth of a Core Europe
4. A More United and Effective Post-Crisis Europe: A Way Ahead

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