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Il terrorismo internazionale dopo l'11 settembre: l'azione dell'Italia


International terrorism, a baneful phenomenon that has never been placated, emerged in all its magnitude with the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The international community has tried, over time, to furnish suitable instruments to prevent and arrest this criminal phenomenon. These instruments are twofold: military and control activities and judicial co-operation. This issue of IAI Quaderni opens with contributions given by two diplomats, Armellini and Trichilo, who have both held positions of responsibility in this sector. The two contributions offer, respectively, an outline of the measures taken at an international level and European Union level. An appendix of the documentation follows. Of particular interest, are the reports sent by Italy to the CTC, in which the measures taken to combat international terrorism are illustrated. The documentation also includes copies of the authorisation laws that ratify the two latest conventions adopted by the United Nations against international terrorism. Hence, Italy is part of all the 12 Conventions adopted on this issue by the United Nations.