Global Turkey in Europe III. Democracy, Trade, and the Kurdish Question in Turkey-EU Relations

Global Turkey in Europe's third volume sheds light on four key areas in EU-Turkey relations: foreign relations, democracy, the Kurdish question, and economic and trade issues. Building on its two preceding collective volumes, Global Turkey in Europe III intends to contribute to a comprehensive discussion on shaping a common Turkish-European future with an eye to key domestic, regional, and global challenges and opportunities facing both the EU and Turkey.

Some of the essays collected in this volume have been published in the Global Turkey in Europe series (July 2014-May 2015), in the framework of the project "Turkey, Europe and the World", conducted by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator e Istanbul Policy Center (IPC).

Roma, Nuova Cultura, June 2015, 285 p.
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List of Contributors, p. 9-10
List of Abbreviations, p. 11-13
Foreword, Michael Schwarz, p. 15-16
Introduction, Daniela Huber, Nathalie Tocci and Ipek Velioglu, p. 17-18
Executive Summary, p. 19-25

Part I. Foreign Relations
1. Dances with the Bear: Turkey and Russia After Crimea
Adam Balcer, p. 27-41
2. Dealing with Turkey After Ukraine: Why the EU Should Let the Enlargement Approach Go
Antoaneta L. Dimitrova, p. 43-48
3. Between Appeasement and Rivalry: Turkey and Russia and their Neighborhoods
Adam Balcer, p. 49-54
4. Making (Non)Sense of Turkey's Policy on Kobane
Nathalie Tocci, p. 55-57
5. Turkish Boots Will Remain on Turkish Ground. Why is Turkey Reluctant to "Do What it Takes" at Kobane?
Sinan Ekim, p. 59-64

Part II. Democracy
6. Can the EU Clean Politics in Enlargement Countries? Turkey in Comparison
Dimitar Bechev, p. 65-68
7. Turkey's Fight Against Corruption: A Critical Assessment
Kivanç Ulusoy, p. 69-78
8. Internet Freedom and Freedom of Expression in Turkey
Ben Wagner, p. 79-83
9. Electoral Constellations Towards the August 2014 Presidential Elections in Turkey
Ali Çarkoglu, p. 85-97
10. The 2014 Presidential Elections in Turkey: A Post-election Analysis
Ergun Özbudun, p. 99-105
11. The Challenge of à la Turca Presidentialism in Turkey
Ersin Kalaycioglu, p. 107-113
12. The Conflict within Turkey's Islamic Camp
Ömer Taspinar, p. 115-120
13. Turkey's Unconsolidated Democracy: The Nexus between Democratisation and Majoritarianism in Turkey
Meltem Müftüler-Baç and E. Fuat Keyman, p. 121-129
14. Pending Challenges in Turkey's Judiciary
Ergun Özbudun, p. 131-143

Part III. The Kurdish Question
15. Erdogan, the Kurds, and Turkey's Presidential Elections
Piotr Zalewski, p. 145-148
16. Turkey, Syria and Saving the PKK Peace Process
Hugh Pope, p. 149-155
17. The Kurdish Peace Process in Turkey: Genesis, Evolution and Prospects
Mesut Yegen, p. 157-184

Part IV. Trade and Economy
18. TTIP and EU-Turkish Economic Relations: Deepening the Customs Union
Kamil Yilmaz, p. 185-197
19. Turkey's Trade in Search of an External Anchor: The Neighbourhood, the Customs Union or TTIP?
Kemal Kirisci and Sinan Ekim, p. 199-217
20. The Turkish Economy at a Crossroads: Unpacking Turkey's Current Account Challenge
Mustafa Kutlay, p. 219-240
21. Reverting Structural Reforms in Turkey: Towards an Illiberal Economic Governance?
Isik Özel, p. 241-250

Conclusions, Senem Aydin-Düzgit, Sinan Ekim, Meltem Müftüler-Baç, E. Fuat Keyman, p. 251-260
Bibliography, p. 261-285

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