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Gestione Covid-19: implicazioni per la Difesa Civile e la Protezione Civile


When, at the outset of the pandemic, the Italian government had to decide whether to centralise powers by activating the Civil Defence system or to maintain nationwide competences through the Civil Protection, it opted for the second alternative. However, the Civil Defence’s management of the crisis saw numerous criticalities, from the system of supplying masks to the issuing of decrees that often raised perplexity rather than providing clarification. A full involvement of the Civil Defence would perhaps have allowed a clearer hierarchy of powers and a better coordination of interventions, ensuring a more rapid response to the emergency. It is important for the pandemic to provide an opportunity to discuss the definition of a proper emergency plan that would ensure a rapid and effective response to crises occurring on national territory. This would have implications for the country’s Civil Protection and Civil Defence systems, which may have to work together in the future.

Contribution to the Call for Papers #CASD2020.