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General Zhukov and the Cyborgs: A Clash of Civilisation within the Ukrainian Armed Forces


The eruption of war in the Donbas has brought under everyone’s eyes what has been evident to Ukrainian defence analysts for years: undertrained, underequipped and underfunded, the Ukrainian army would be hardly capable to protect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The uncertain conduct of operations and the tragic defeats suffered by the Ukrainian forces have highlighted a growing rift within the political and military leadership. A clash of civilisation has become evident within the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff. It is a clash between a Soviet-style resource management and operation planning, and a more open and horizontal approach. Against the background of a dramatically altered security environment, the modernisation of the Ukrainian army and the finalisation of the unfinished defence reforms are urgent, not only in order to guarantee the country’s security, but also within the framework of the consolidation of democracy in post-Maidan Ukraine.