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Francia Italia, relazioni bilaterali, strategie europee. France Italie, relations bilatérales, stratégies européennes


Relations between Italy and France have traditionally been very strong. Nevertheless, problems in a few fields have provoked negative comments. The first novelty in relations between France and Italy is that the stakes have risen. It is normal, therefore, that the greater interaction between the two countries produce incompatibilities. France and Italy are a demonstration of the fact that European integration requires constant, renewed adaptation of the Union's member states. The two countries and the relations between them must be considered in their specificity, based on a common historical legacy, but also with respect to their relations with Europe. For France, relations with Italy are synonymous with relations outside the Paris-Berlin axis; for Italy, relations with France mean positioning itself with respect to the European centre of gravity. This study attempted not only to analyse the multi-faceted relations between the two countries, but also to illustrate certain trends valid for the entire European Union.

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