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Focus euroatlantico n. 21 (luglio-ottobre 2022)


The second issue of the 2022 Euro-Atlantic Focus begins, as usual, with an analysis of the state of play in the transatlantic relationship (supplemented by a number of graphs and tables in the appendix). Dario Cristiani analyses in particular the Euro-Atlantic response to the war in Ukraine, the state of transatlantic relations in relations to China and the almost definitive collapse of diplomatic attempts to revive the nuclear deal with Iran. In the first essay, Dario Cristiani e Riccardo Alcaro analyse the prospects of the forthcoming American mid-term elections, which will be held on 8 November 2022. The second essay explains how Turkey is moving with respect to the war in Ukraine. Alessia Chiriatti contends that the war represents a turning point for Turkey’s relations with its Western partners. In the third essay, Irene Paviotti analyses the United Kingdom’s latest foreign policy developments.

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