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Focus euroatlantico n. 2 (maggio 2023)


The second issue of the 2023 Euro-Atlantic Focus begins, as usual, with an analysis of the state of play in the transatlantic relationship (supplemented by a number of graphs in the appendix) by Riccardo Alcaro and Tiziano Breda. In this Focus a new section on US domestic politics makes its debut. Through the addition of this regular section, the Euro-Atlantic Focus aims to trace US foreign policy choices back to their domestic context, with a special emphasis on the relationship between the Administration and Congress. In the essay on transatlantic technological cooperation, Fabrizio Botti and Irene Paviotti examine the EU’s measures to strengthen its ‘open’ strategic autonomy in the trade, industrial, technology and digital policy areas. In his analysis of the reform of EU fiscal governance, Ettore Greco contends that the legislative proposals put forward by the European Commission include significant changes to the existing regime of fiscal rules.

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