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Final Analysis Report: [Bihar/Jharkhand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia and Abkhazia, Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast India]


This report examines the use of autonomy-based conflict transformation strategies in the conflicts in Bihar, Bosnia, Cyprus, Georgia, Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast India. In particular it investigates the impact of political, economic and territorial autonomy on socio-economic justice and the resolution or transformation of conflicts. The report engages with three dimensions within the overarching theme: 1) instruments of self-determination and their effect on conflict dynamics, 2) mechanisms of territorial separation and their effectiveness in mitigating tensions, 3) the use of economic policies to grant autonomy or reinforce dependence.

Deliverable D.3.5 submitted May 2013 (M5) in fulfillment of requirements of the project Cultures of governance and conflict resolution in Europe and India (CORE) - Workpackage 3 Analysis of Policy.

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