European Security and the Future of Transatlantic Relations

Long the main pillar holding up the transatlantic relationship, the security of Europe seems to have turned into an accessory element in the transatlantic security agenda. In recent years, the United States and European countries have often been unable to find enduring convergence over how to deal with issues related to Europe's security, such as NATO's role, relations with Russia and other former Soviet republics, and the European Union's ambition to develop an autonomous military arm. Concerns, however, about trends inexorably leading to the drifting apart of the transatlantic partners seem exaggerated. In fact, under the Obama administration, the United States and its European partners have found some new common ground. An effort to transform occasional convergences into a shared vision of Europe's long-term security would contribute considerably to re-energizing the Euro-Atlantic bond. Though not on the same scale as in the past, Europe's security can still be a significant component of the transatlantic relationship.

Proceedings of the third edition of the Transatlantic Security Symposium, held in Rome on 8 November 2010.

Roma, Nuova Cultura, April 2011, 182 p.
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Preface, Riccardo Alcaro, Erik Jones
1. Transatlantic Relations in a Multipolar Europe, Riccardo Alcaro
2. NATO's role in European Security - and Beyond, James Goldgeier
3. European Security in NATO's Strategy, Ulrike Guérot
4. Beyond Europe - Transatlantic Relations in a Global World, Dana Allin
5. Nuclear Arms and Missile Defense in Transatlantic Security, Oliver Thränert
6. Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control in Europe, Steven Pifer
7. Russia in the European Security Architecture: Contributor or Contender?, Arkady Moshes
8. Russia and European Security: a Change of Paradigm or Just Another Abstract Debate?, Oksana Antonenko
9. Reset West-Russia Relations - But Use Common Sense, Arthur R. Rachwald
10. Much Ado about Nothing: EU Defense Policy after the Lisbon Treaty, Anand Menon
11. European Security, Transatlantic Relations, and the Challenge to US Global Leadership, Erik Jones
Appendix: Transatlantic Security Symposium 2010. Conference Report, Valeria Calderoni, Alina Oroschakoff

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