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Decolonising (Knowledge on) Euro–Mediterranean Relations: Insights on Shared Histories and Futures


As statues linked to imperial and colonial practices are torn down across the world, meaningful global conversations are questioning the iniquities of the present, the medium to long term effects of colonialism, and settled moral standards from the past. All this is of particular relevance also to Euro–Mediterranean relations, as the Mediterranean has been on the interface of European colonial and imperial history in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. Several scholars have pointed out that Europe has for long been hesitant to address a number of aspects and implications connected to this history, casting a shadow on Euro–Mediterranean relations. This book aims to shed a deeper light on this past and its legacy and to provide additional elements to decolonise knowledge, while also addressing Euro–Mediterranean relations in the present. This engagement is still at an early stage, and yet, it is of crucial relevance to put Euro–Mediterranean relations on a more equal footing, while setting the stage for a future towards reconciliation in a space which is ever more conflictual.

Volume published in the framework of the project entitled “Engaging the Past for a Shared Future. Decolonising Euro–Mediterranean Relations”, run by IAI in collaboration with the History and Political Science departments at the University of Turin.