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Civil Security and the European Union: A survey of European civil security systems and the role of the EU in building shared crisis management capacities


This paper draws from the work of the EU FP7 – ANVIL project to outline key differences and similarities in national civil security systems in Europe. It takes the ANVIL analysis further by suggesting the EU's role in enhancing compatibility is best oriented in a few specific directions. Namely, the EU should act as a promoter (illuminating likely cooperation obstacles) and a facilitator (supporting, through resources and as a discussion platform, lesson learning). Academics as well as policymakers should take note. The findings contained herein are relatively rare in so far existing studies of the EU's growing role in societal security tend to focus on the European level. Taking account of domestic variation fills a gap in current research about European security and safety issues.

Study prepared within the context of the project Analysis of Civil Security Systems in Europe (ANVIL).

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