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Assessing EU-Mediterranean Policies in the Fields of Industry and Energy from a Bottom-up Perspective


Work Package 6 (WP6) of MEDRESET project aims at evaluating the effectiveness and potential of EU policies and measures in industry and energy (including trade liberalization, broader energy policies, energy transition, renewable energy programmes and industrial cooperation initiatives) in light of the interests, needs and expectations of different bottom-up actors on both shores of the Mediterranean, with the purpose of identifying inclusive, responsive and flexible policy actions to reinvigorate EU–Mediterranean relations. Hence, the objective of this conceptual and methodological paper is twofold. First, it attempts to provide both an overview of the main characteristics of energy and industry on the Southern shore of the Mediterranean and a background analysis of major EU policies targeted to energy and industry. Second, it tries to inform research and fieldwork in line with the multi-actor, multi-layer and multi-sector analytical framework and multi-method approach of this project with a special lens on the gender dimension as men and women are impacted differently in both energy and industry.

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