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Civil Society and Conflict Transformation in Abkhazia, Israel/Palestine, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria and Western Sahara

Nona Mikhelidze, Nicoletta Pirozzi
Brighton, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, November 2008, 84 p. (MICROCON Policy Working Paper ; 3)
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Lessons from Gaza: Why the EU Must Change its Policy

Nathalie Tocci
in CFSP Forum, Vol. 7, No. 2 (March 2009), p. 7-9
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Domestic Change and Conflict in the Mediterranean

Amr Elshobaki, Khaled Hroub, Daniela Pioppi [...]
Lisboa, EuroMeSCo Secretariat at the IEEI, January 2008, 30 p. (EuroMeSCo Papers ; 65)
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Domestic Politics and Conflict in the Cases of Israel, Palestine and Lebanon

Daniela Pioppi, Nathalie Tocci, Karam Karam
Lisboa, EuroMeSCo Secretariat at the IEEI, October 2006, 35 p. (EuroMeSCo Papers ; 53)
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L'assistenza europea e americana all'autorità nazionale palestinese

Riccardo Alcaro
Roma, Senato, April 2006, 22 p.
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Il dilemma dell'Islam

Laura Guazzone,
Milano, Franco Angeli, September 1995, 295 p.
In: Lo spettatore internazionale 2

The Islamist Dilemma

Laura Guazzone,
Reading, Ithaca Press, September 1995, xvi, 390 p. (International Politics of the Middle East Series)
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Palestine in the Arab Dilemma

Walid W. Kazziha, Nayla Sabra
London, Croom Helm / New York, Barnes & Noble Books, June 1979, 111 p.
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Arabi e palestinesi: tra conflitto e convivenza

Walid W. Kazziha, Nayla Sabra, Stefano Silvestri
Bologna, Il mulino, February 1979, 150 p.
In: Lo spettatore internazionale 1