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Main Drivers and Policy Options for a Differentiated EU: A Scenario-Based Exercise

Matteo Bonomi, Nicoletta Pirozzi

In: IAI Papers 22|05

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Mapping Scenarios of Differentiated EUrope 2025–2035

Matteo Bonomi

In: IAI Papers 22|04

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Europe’s Area of Maritime Interest in Northeast Asia

Philip Shetler-Jones

In: IAI Papers 22|33

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L’Europa verde è un’Europa politica

Leo Goretti

In: Other papers and articles

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EU Foreign Policy Integration at Times of War

Maria Giulia Amadio Viceré

In: IAI Commentaries 22|63

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Green Deal Watch, No. 8

Margherita Bianchi, Lorenzo Colantoni

In: Green Deal Watch 8

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Time to Re-engage with Kosovo and Serbia

Pol Bargués, Assem Dandashly, Hylke Dijkstra

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Research Paper 12

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Russia’s War on Ukraine: Two Inconvenient Truths for the EU

Zachary Paikin

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Brief 24

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