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European Recovery post-COVID19 and the Green Deal

Marco Giuli

In: Other papers and articles

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Geopolitics and Italian Foreign Policy in the Age of Renewable Energy

Luca Franza, Margherita Bianchi, Luca Bergamaschi

In: IAI Papers 20|13

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The Impact of the Oil Crisis on the MENA Region

Alice Favazza, Camellia Mahjoubi

In: Documenti IAI 20|11

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Beyond Hydrocarbons: Libya's Blue Gold

Davide Zurlo

In: IAI Commentaries 20|28

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This Time is Different. The "COVID-Shock" and Future of the Global Oil Market

Giuliano Garavini

In: IAI Commentaries 20|18

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Illegal Trafficking of Plastic Waste: The Italy–Malaysia Connection

Elisa Murgese

In: IAI Commentaries 20|16

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