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TTIP and EU-Turkish Economic Relations

Kamil Yılmaz
Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, March 2015, 8 p.
In: Global Turkey in Europe

In Search of a New Equilibrium

Marcello Messori,
Roma, Nuova Cultura, January 2015, 211 p.
In: IAI Research Papers

Chinese Investments in Italy

Marco Sanfilippo
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, December 2014, 31 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Focus euroatlantico, 7

Valerio Briani,
Roma, Senato, 2014, 32 p.
In: Reports for Parliament

The EU and the US in the Politics of Global Climate Change Governance

Lucia Najšlová
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, October 2014, 23 p.
In: Transworld Papers

Competitive Interdependence

Chad Damro
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, ottobre 2014, 24 p.
In: Transworld Papers

A Streamlined Agenda

Ettore Greco
in Melissa Conley Tyler and Nick Snelling (eds.), G20: Words into Action Brisbane 2014, Sydney, Australian Institute of International Affairs and Faircount Media, 2014, p. 138
In: Other papers/articles

The Future of the Transatlantic Economic Relationship

Davide Tentori, Myriam Zandonini
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, June 2014, 19 p.
In: Transworld Papers

Global Economic Trends and Recovery Prospects

Domenico Lombardi, Samantha St. Amand
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, April 2014, 13 p.
In: Documenti IAI

Unveiling the Myth of Central Bankers' Neutrality

Francesco Visconti
p. 152-154
In: The International Spectator