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The New Normal in Transatlantic Relations: The US and Europe Eye China

Liselotte Odgaard
Rome, IAI, December 2020, 5 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

The EU's Pact on Migration and Asylum: A Tsunami of Papers but Little Waves of Change

Stefano Manservisi
Rome, IAI, December 2020, 7 p.
In: IAI Commentaries

COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery: If the US and Europe Find the Will, Multilateralism Is the Way

Susan Corke
Rome, IAI, November 2020, 17 p.
In: IAI Papers

The Aftermath: American Power after COVID-19

Emma Ashford
Rome, IAI, November 2020, 18 p.
In: IAI Papers

COVID-19 and the Foreign Policy Perceptions of US Public and Elites

Barbara Keys
Rome, IAI, November 2020, 21 p.
In: IAI Papers

Le potenze globali di fronte alla crisi

Nicola Bilotta, Fabrizio Botti, Luca Franza
in World Energy Magazine, Year 11, No. 47 (November 2020), p. 86-91
In: Other papers/articles

2020: The American Revolution that Wasn't

Anthony Gregory
Rome, IAI, November 2020, 24 p.
In: IAI Papers

The International Spectator, Vol. 55, No. 4, December 2020

Morten Bøås, Francesco Strazzari,
In: The International Spectator

Governance, Fragility and Insurgency in the Sahel: A Hybrid Political Order in the Making

Morten Bøås, Francesco Strazzari
The International Spectator, Vol. 55, No. 4, December 2020, p. 1-17
In: The International Spectator