Roberto Aliboni

Scientific advisor
Middle East
Transatlantic relations

Roberto Aliboni is currently scientific advisor at IAI, and formerly IAI general director and vice-president. He taught International Economics at the Universities of Naples and Perugia from 1972 to 1979 and held research positions in different Institutes. In 1994, he conceived of and successfully established the Mediterranean Study Commission (MeSCo), the network of Mediterranean Institutes dealing with international and security affairs, transformed in EuroMeSCo in 1996.

La nouvelle architecture euro-méditerranéenne

Roberto Aliboni
in Etudes internationales = Dirassat duwalya, n° 112 = 3/2009 (octobre 2009), p. 144-148 [n° special: Le Partenariat Union européenne-Maghreb]
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Il primo anniversario dell'Unione per il Mediterraneo

Roberto Aliboni
in MedArabNews - Perspectives, 15 July 2009
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The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Southern Mediterranean

Michele Comelli, Atila Eralp, Çigdem Üstün,
Ankara, Middle East Technical University Press, July 2009, xv, 180 p.
In: Books

L'Italia e la politica internazionale 2009

Gianni Bonvicini, Alessandro Colombo,
Bologna, Il Mulino, June 2009, 328 p.
In: La politica estera dell'Italia

La politique méditerranéenne de l'Italie

Roberto Aliboni
in Confluences Méditerranée, n° 68 (hiver 2008-2009), p. 173-182 [Dossier: Italie: le grand bond en arrière?]
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Doubts and hopes

Roberto Aliboni
in The Bridge. A quarterly review on European integration, No. 1/2009 = Issue 11, p. 43-44
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L'Unione per il Mediterraneo. Le relazioni euro-mediterranee in una prospettiva nuova

Roberto Aliboni
Roma, Senato, February 2009, 11 p.
In: Reports for Parliament

Under the Shadow of Barcelona

Roberto Aliboni, Fouad M. Ammor
Lisboa, EuroMeSCo Secretariat at the IEEI, January 2009, 33 p. (EuroMeSCo Papers ; 77)
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L'Italia e la politica internazionale 2008

Alessandro Colombo, Natalino Ronzitti,
Bologna, Il Mulino, June 2008, 324 p.
In: La politica estera dell'Italia

Putting the Mediterranean Union in Perspective

Roberto Aliboni, Ahmed Driss, Tobias Schumacher [...]
Lisboa, EuroMeSCo Secretariat at the IEEI, June 2008, 33 p. (EuroMeSCo Papers ; 68)
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