Roberto Aliboni

Scientific advisor
Middle East
Transatlantic relations

Roberto Aliboni is currently scientific advisor at IAI, and formerly IAI general director and vice-president. He taught International Economics at the Universities of Naples and Perugia from 1972 to 1979 and held research positions in different Institutes. In 1994, he conceived of and successfully established the Mediterranean Study Commission (MeSCo), the network of Mediterranean Institutes dealing with international and security affairs, transformed in EuroMeSCo in 1996.

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Scegliere per contare. Rapporto

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Scenari globali e rischi strategici nel corso del 2014

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Scegliere per contare

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Italy and Saudi Arabia

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The European Global Strategy and the Mediterranean

Roberto Aliboni
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L'ambivalence italienne à l'égard de la Méditerranée

Roberto Aliboni
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The West and the Emerging "Gray Democracy" in Egypt

Roberto Aliboni
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