Nathalie Tocci

Middle East
EU external relations

Nathalie Tocci is Director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali and Honorary Professor at the University of Tübingen. She is Special Advisor to EU High Representative and Vice President of the Commission Josep Borrell. As Special Advisor to HRVP Federica Mogherini she wrote the European Global Strategy and worked on its implementation. She has been a member of Eni's Board of Directors since May 2020.
Previously she held research positions at the Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, the Transatlantic Academy, Washington and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Florence.
Her research interests include European foreign policy, conflict resolution, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.
Her major publications include: Framing the EU's Global Strategy, Springer-Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 (author); The EU, Promoting Regional Integration, and Conflict Resolution, Springer-Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 (co-editor); Turkey and the European Union, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015 (co-author); Multilateralism in the 21st Century, Routledge, 2013 (co-editor), Turkey’s European Future: Behind the Scenes of America’s Influence on EU-Turkey Relations, New York University Press, 2011 (author); and The EU and Conflict Resolution, Routledge, 2007 (author).
Nathalie is the 2008 winner of the Anna Lindh award for the study of European Foreign Policy.

Judy Asks: Can Europe Integrate Millions of Refugees?

Nathalie Tocci
in Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe Blog, 9 September 2015
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Global Turkey in Europe III

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What next in Turkey?

Dimitar Bechev, Nathalie Tocci
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Turkey and the European Union

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Taking EU-Iran Relations Beyond the Nuclear File

Cornelius Adebahr, Marc Otte, Nathalie Tocci
in Carnegie Articles, 12 March 2015
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Trapped in the Liberal Peace

Raffaele Marchetti, Nathalie Tocci
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For Europe, Iran is more than the nuclear problem

Cornelius Adebahr, Marc Otte, Nathalie Tocci
in EUobserver, 20 November 2014
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How should Europe respond to Russia? The Italian view

Nathalie Tocci
in ECFR Commentaries, 18 November 2014
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The Neighbourhood Policy is Dead

Nathalie Tocci
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, November 2014, 7 p.
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Turkey's misguided Syria policy

Nathalie Tocci
in Deutsche Welle, 4 November 2014
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