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Transatlantic Security Symposium - 1. ed.

2008 - 2008

The first edition of the Transatlantic Security Symposium was held in Rome on May 12-13 in cooperation with the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EU-ISS) of Paris and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (DSIS) of Washington, DC. The conference explored the evolution of the transatlantic security partnership, with a focus on transatlantic cooperation in crisis management, the fight against terrorism, and the defence industry. A volume collecting revised and updated versions of the papers presented at the conference, as well as a set of policy recommendations elaborated by the IAI staff and a detailed report of the event, has been published. The papers of J. Dobbins and P. Wilkinson were also selected for publication in The International Spectator, n. 4/2008; and that of I. Shapiro in n. 3/2008.

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