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Transatlantic Security Symposium - 3. ed.

2010 - 2010

The third edition of the Transatlantic Security Symposium: European Security and the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship, took place on November 8, 2010, in Rome. The conference was organised in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (JHU-SAIS), Bologna Center. It concentrated on the evolution of European security in light of the most recent changes of the strategic environment: the US’s diminished strategic interest in Europe; the EU’s growing security profile, following ratification of the Lisbon Treaty; and Russia’s comeback as a continental power, a major development the US, the EU and NATO still struggle to cope with. All material presented at the conference was included in an ad hoc publication edited by Riccardo Alcaro from IAI and Prof. Erik Jones from SAIS.

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