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IAI Prize 2022 - Kicking off again

The deadline for submission of essays has been extended to 12 June 2022.

The IAI Prize “Young Talents for Italy, Europe and the World" is a competition aimed at young people under 26, high school and university students as well as fresh graduates.

This fifth (2022) edition’s topic is: "Borders in an Interconnected World".

Our world is increasingly interconnected. Goods are produced in global value chains. Financial markets are ever more integrated. International movement of people is increasing. Ideas and information circulate at lightning speed on digital platforms supported by increasingly accessible technologies. And the great challenges - climate, health, economy, migration - are transnational by nature. Yet national borders are far from gone, indeed they have acquired greater political significance. But what is their meaning in such an interconnected world?

We are looking to reading and hearing your thoughts in participating in the fifth edition of the IAI Prize!

To join the competition send an essay and/or a video, in English or Italian, to IAI by June 12, 2022..


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